(Established 2000)

T he North Avenue Business Association’s mission is to enhance the overall commercial district’s image and promote the long-term economic viability of the business district on North Avenue, located currently between but not limited to Harlem Avenue and Austin Boulevard.


  • Safety and emergency preparedness
  • Identify parking concerns and opportunities along North Avenue
  • Streetscaping: encourage building façade and sign improvements, landscaping and sidewalk
  • maintenance; provide info on grant/loan programs for facades and signs
  • Foster and strengthen partnerships between North Avenue’s businesses, shared municipalities and police departments
  • Create marketing and communications mechanisms

The North Avenue Business Association High School Fund, established in 2006, is a scholarship presented to two high school seniors planning on attending a college or university, as a business major or a related field. The scholarships are presented each year to students living in NABA’s district. The amount of each scholarship is $1000, made possible through annual dues payments. NABA members can contribute an additional amount to the fund if so desired (please see the check off lines on the membership applications and dues renewal invoices).

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